Address: 1424 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: 215-302-4444


Directions: Click Here (A few doors down from CF Fishtown)

Reset by Therabody is a wellness center for both body and soul — a sensory experience for physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation.   With the same state-of-the-art treatments used by professional athletes, elite performance coaches and leading physical therapists, Reset brings you to a place where you can stop for a moment and begin the process of healing and recovery.  Located on Frankford Avenue adjacent to our Fishtown club, Reset will empower you to take proactive control of your health and wellbeing, right down to the cellular level.

Experiences Include:

» Cryotherapy

» Dual Theragun massage

» Red light therapy

» Lymphatic compression therapy

» Tech-guided meditation

» LED facial

» Stretching session

» PEMF therapy

» Vitamin Boost

» Sound therapy