Get your MYZONE workout belt, earn your MEPS, and join the #MYCITYMOVES city-wide challenge to win $10k in cash prizes!

We Started Philly Moving, Here’s What Philly is Saying…


What is the #MYCITYMOVES challenge?

By simply owning and working out with a MyZone belt, the industry’s leading wearable fitness technology, active Philadelphia residents will be eligible to win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes via a city-wide movement to transform one of the United States’ fattest cities into its fittest.

Registration and belt purchase includes a discounted MYZONE MZ-3 Belt, #MyCityMoves T-Shirt, comped ticket to the April 7 closing ceremony, and closed Thrive Training Camp with the #MyCityMoves influencers (a $235 value for just $100). Click below to register!

#MyCityMoves Challenge: March 7th – March 31st (Registration Deadline: Feb. 28th)

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Meet the #MYCITYMOVES Influencers

Connor B.


Pro Bowl Eagles Linebacker, all-around good guy.



Philadelphia radio personality, and a bunch of other personality.

Jared W.


Entrepreneur, Realtor and avid Gym crusher.

Octavia P.


Ukrainian, Yoga guru. you can find her hitting Warrior I and II on the Museum steps.

Noelle F.


Personal training Diva, fears not squat rack or bench press. Noelle is the only spot you want.

Khalief W.


Yoga master, Khalief. If he’s not in a Crescent lunge, you’ll find him holding a handstand for 5 days in Fairmount Park.

Lydia H.


Personal trainer and Vegan chef extraordinaire. Lydia will teach how to lose excess flab and convert you to the vegan lifestyle, one Instagram pic at a time.

Candy C.


Plant-based diet advocate and entrepreneur, you can find her speaking keynotes or on Yoga Mat crushing her calories.

Jon L.


Marathon Maniac, he has sneakers always laced up for a low key solo jog or a group 5k.

Mike Adam


Philadelphia radio personality. On-air radio personality, Off-air awesome personality. Mike joined the challenge because he loves challenges.

Fabiana F.


Oxygen Magazine January’s cover model is a mother of two and has a six-pack that would make LL Cool J jealous.

Competition Timeline

  • Feb. 6 – Influencer Training Camp
  • Feb. 9-28 – Influencer MEPS Challenge
  • Mar. 7 – #mycitymoves formally begins
  • Mar. 19 – Free Thrive Training Camp for #mycitymoves participants
  • Mar. 26 – Free Thrive Training Camp for #mycitymoves participants
  • Mar. 31st – #mycitymoves challenge ends
  • April. 7th – #mycitymoves closing ceremony

Competition Rewards

#imovedphilly ($5,000 USD) – Philadelphia is getting up and moving this March. Everybody wins in the cosmic sense, but only one person will win $5,000. Keep moving for more chances to selected as THE person that moved Philly this March.
The Answer ($1,000 USD) – Allen Iverson was defined by his grit – though he was often the smallest person on the court, and would get knocked down again and again, he kept working, and hung up his sneaks as one of Philly’s greatest athletes. Big or small, seasoned athlete or newbie, the person that puts in the most work in Philly this March wins $1,000.
The Rocky Balboa ($1,000 USD) – No one trained harder than Rocky. No one TRAINS harder than Rocky apparently. Even as he gets up there in years, the guy puts in work, and that’s why he’s become an inseparable symbol of Philadelphia. No matter who you are or how you train, if you burn the most calories in March, you’re getting $1,000
The Vince Papale ($1,000 USD) – Vince Papale’s transformation from “local guy” to “local legend” happened in the span of just the few months, and his fight to get there is cemented in Philadelphia’s proud sports tradition. We’re putting up $1,000 for Philadelphia’s next Vince Papale to show up in March.
The Ben Franklin  – Benjamin Franklin’s footprint can be seen all over Philadelphia; our zoo, our libraries, our politics; the guy still even walks around. Our Influencers are leaving a footprint on Philadelphia as well – amplifying the energy in their communities to live fit, healthy lifestyles this March. We’re going to do one better. $2,000 will be donated to Connor Barwin and the Make The World Better, Urban Roots project’s Smith Playground renovation in the Influencer’s name that activates the most Philadelphians to join #mycitymoves.

Powered by City Fitness

City Fitness is Philadelphia’s premier fitness franchise, with nearly 10,000 members, award winning staff and facilities, and four state-of-the-art health clubs citywide, with a fifth flagship location set to open in Fishtown in September, 2016.

City Fitness, the presenting sponsor of #mycitymoves, holds as its stated mission to turn Philadelphia from one of the fattest cities in the U.S. to one of the fittest – regardless of where you work out.

Technology Sponsor – MyZone

MyZone is the most accurate wearable fitness technology available, allowing you to track your effort, measure your results, and be rewarded for your efforts. Learn more at myzone.org and follow them @myzonemoves

Fitness Sponsor – MBSC Thrive

Thrive, powered by world-renowned strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle, is the most advanced functional training system available, developing the best in every body to look, move, and feel better. Learn more at here or by following @thrivetraining on Instagram.

Apparel Sponsor – Endeavor Athletic

Endeavor Apparel, a Philadelphia-based performance apparel company launching in January 2016, was founded on the principles of purpose and endeavors, with the highest quality material and design available in the fitness industry. Learn more at endeavorathletic.com and follow them @endeavorathletic on Instagram.

Hydration Sponsor – CORE Natural

Core water is ultra purified for a clean, crisp taste and balanced with electrolytes and minerals to work in harmony with your body’s natural pH. Learn more at corenatural.com and follow them @corewater on Instagram.

Palette Group

Palette Group is a full-service digital marketing and creative services agency. Based in Philadelphia, the team produces photo, video, design and strategic digital marketing campaigns with an emphasis on Influencer marketing. Learn more at palettegrp.com and follow them @palettegrp.

Inbound Fit

Inbound Fit is a HubSpot Platinum Certified inbound marketing agency that specializes in growth, member acquisition and retention for fitness clubs across America. Learn more at inboundfit.com and follow them @inboundfit.

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What's the purpose of #MyCityMoves?

#MyCityMoves is about using all of the energy currently in Philadelphia pointing towards fitness, health, and wellness to activate our entire city for one month to get fitter, together.

What type of people will be entering this campaign?

Anyone interested in fitness, any kind of fitness at any level, that lives or works predominantly in Philadelphia can join #mycitymoves. The whole idea is getting Philadelphia exercising together, it doesn’t matter how you move. Seasoned athletes, distance runners, personal trainers, or (like some of our Influencers) fitness hopefuls will all be participating – because they want to better themselves and better their city.

Do I have to pay for the MyZone belt?

No purchase necessary to participate in this challenge. Anyone who owns a registered MYZONE belt, lives in the City of Philadelphia, and has officially entered the #mycitymoves challenge can participate in #mycitymoves and is eligible for the prizes.

How do I join the #MyCityMoves challenge (registration CLOSED)?

  1. IF YOU OWN A MYZONE BELT: Email myzonemoves@cityfitnessphilly.com with your Unique MYZONE ID (on the back of your MZ-3 unit), your full name, your user name, and the Facility ID you used when you registered your belt, and we’ll set you up!
  2. IF YOU DO NOT OWN A MYZONE BELT: Visit the reservation page (registration CLOSED), complete the form, and follow the corresponding link to purchase your belt. When your belt arrives, enter the Facility ID MYCITYMOVES when prompted as you’re registering your MZ-3 and you’ll be automatically registered to enter.

How often do I have to work out?

Your workouts for this challenge are entirely at your discretion, and the amount of effort and time output by each user to earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs, the baseline criteria used to measure workouts for the purposes of this campaign) will vary from user to user. Point being, how often you work out will depend on a variety of factors personal to you (height, weight, age, gender, heart rate, workout style and intensity, etc.) and what your goals are within the context of this contest. The minimum amount of exercise needed to qualify for the $5,000 #imovedphilly award is 1,300 MEPs, which is the minimum recommended amount of monthly exercise by the American Heart Association.

How will the winners be selected?

The selection process for winners will be different for each award, and are detailed in the linked Terms and Conditions. The #imovedmycity award will be selected publicly and at random by an impartial third-party entity at the 3/31 #mycitymoves Closing Ceremony; The Answer and The Rocky Balboa awards will be determined by discrete, publicly visible variables (MEPs and kCals earned over the month of March, 2017), The Vince Papale award will be determined by a committee of stakeholders in the #mycitymoves project, and The Ben Franklin will be determined according to discrete social networking variables as measured by Palette Group LLC, an agency in partnership with City Fitness LLC.