National Exercise Day | April 18th, 2023

April 18, 2023
National Exercise Day

Every year, National Exercise Day is celebrated on April 18th. This exciting day is all about encouraging participants of all ages and genders to engage in physical activities to enhance their overall well-being. Regular exercise has been noted time and time again to provide us with more energy, make us feel better, and extend our lives by years. If you’ve never celebrated National Exercise Day before, it’s time to start doing so and motivating others to participate in this national holiday as well.

The History of National Exercise Day

When you think back to the cultures that signified great physical fitness, Ancient Greece is one of the most popular cultures that come to mind. This idea of fitness and physical exercise has been prevalent since ancient times to help keep our minds and bodies disciplined and in shape. Back in 2020, Dr. Saint-Fleur established National Exercise Day. He intended to remind people of how imperative it is to get their bodies moving regardless of the type of exercise they decide to do.

How to Properly Observe National Exercise Day

The beauty of national exercise day is that it can be observed in so many different ways depending on your unique needs. You can opt to dance, run, weightlift, walk, kayak, or participate in any other physical activity that gets your heart pumping and your body moving. Apart from participating in physical exercise, it’s also good practice to promote National Exercise Day to other people on social media to help motivate and inform them of the importance of moving regularly.

Fun Facts About Exercise

Did you know that there are four main types of fitness? These include aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, and endurance fitness. Each provides its benefits to the body, and when used together, all of these fitness methods can help craft a healthier you. You should aim for at least two hours of aerobic exercise, also referred to as cardio exercise, each week.

Did you know that muscle burns more calories than fat does? Muscle burns three times more calories than fat does. This is one more motivator to help your body gain muscle and strength. Planking is a great exercise to target all the different areas of your body. This activates your arms, legs, and all of your core muscles.

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