Step Up Your Recovery With the Power of Red Light Therapy

March 22, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness, a new technology is making waves for gym goers seeking advanced recovery, improved performance, and overall well-being. Red light therapy (RLT) is a non-invasive procedure that has many benefits for individuals who want to step up their fitness game. Whether you’re just getting started on your journey to better health or you’re looking to tap into your full potential, red light therapy may be just what you need to take the next step

If you’re interested in improving your recovery and performance, learn more about what red light therapy is, the ways it can help folks increase their performance, and how it caters to the diverse needs of gym-goers. 

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, exposes the body to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Unlike ultraviolet light, which damages the skin, the infrared light in red light therapy penetrates the skin, is absorbed by the body’s cells, and triggers many beneficial physiological responses. 

Unlike classic recovery techniques that promote blood flow, like heating and compression, red light therapy works at the cellular level to refresh the body and leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle your next workout.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

Whether you want to increase your circulation, improve your sleep quality, or reduce joint pain, red light therapy can help. Find out more about the benefits of red light therapy below:

  • Increased Circulation: Improved blood flow is key to muscle recovery and athletic performance. Red light therapy promotes the expansion of blood vessels and increases circulation, which in turn delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s muscles. More oxygen and nutrients mean faster recovery and faster recovery means you’ll be that much closer to reaching your fitness goals.
  • Joint Health & Pain Reduction: Individuals who take part in high-impact activities, like working out and running, are at higher risk of experiencing joint discomfort. Red light therapy has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a method of pain reduction for those with conditions such as arthritis or exercise-induced joint pain. 
  • Hormonal Balance: Red light therapy has been shown to influence the endocrine system, contributing to the regulation of hormones such as testosterone and cortisol. Keeping a healthy hormone balance can lead to muscle growth and overall well-being, both of which will help you get strong and feel energized for your next challenge. 
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Red light therapy has been linked to better sleeping habits as it can help regulate the body’s internal clock. Quality sleep is essential for your body to recover after a hard workout, so anything that can increase the chance of getting eight full hours of excellent rest is worth checking out!

Red Light Therapy for Different Gym-Goers 

One of the reasons red light therapy can be great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts is that it can benefit anybody working on their fitness goals. While you consider giving red light therapy a try, review some of the types of athletes red light therapy can benefit below:

  • Weightlifters & Bodybuilders: For those aiming to build muscle mass, the accelerated recovery provided by red light therapy could be what they need to level up their workouts.  
  • Endurance Athletes: Runners, cyclists, and other endurance athletes could benefit from the improved stamina that red light therapy can provide. More energy means longer and more efficient training sessions, and what’s not to love about that? 
  • Bodyweight Fitness Enthusiasts: Because of the nature of bodyweight fitness, muscle soreness can be an issue when you’re really trying to push yourself. Red light therapy can help reduce the time you’re aching from your previous workout and energize you for your next one.
  • Mature Fitness Enthusiasts: Aging can slow down recovery times and lead to joint issues. Red light therapy’s anti-inflammatory and joint health benefits can help the unique needs of those looking to stay active and healthy later in life.  


Red light therapy at City Fitness East Market

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If you’re interested in trying out red light therapy and seeing how this revolutionary recovery technology can benefit you, City Fitness East Market has your back. Our state-of-the-art RLT equipment will rejuvenate you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you’d like more information on Red Light Therapy or our other recovery amenities.

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