Join us for Studio Week!

Our celebration of the fantastic studio programs at City Fitness. We encourage you to attend as many classes as you can during the week. We have a competition for most classes attended and some amazing prizes for some lucky and active members!

Studio Week, April 25th- 29th

 All-studio access will be granted to all members  for the week

+25 CF Rewards Points for EVERY class you take that week!

Studio week classes are already listed on the City Fitness App, check them out and mark your calendars! Classes can be now be reserved up to 4 days in advance!

Featured Classes

many featuring a live DJ!

  • Monday, April 25 at Fishtown
    • SHIFT Synergy Cycling @ 5:30 – 6:15 pm with DJ Caution
    • SHIFT Synergy Cycling @ 6:45-7:30 pm with DJ Caution
  • Tuesday, April 26 at Logan Square 
    • Candlelight yoga @ 5:30 pm
    • Candlelight yoga @ 6:30 pm  
  • Wednesday, April 27 at Graduate Hospital 
    • HIIT THE BARRE @   5:45 pm – 6:30 pm with DJ Caution 
    •  Barre @  6:45 pm – 7:30 pm  with DJ Caution
  • Thursday, April 28 at East Market  
    • HIIT THE BARRE  @ 5:45-6:30 PM with DJ Caution
  • Friday, April 29 at East Market
    • WEFIT @ 5:30 – 6:15 pm with DJ Caution


Prizes will be issued to the members with the most attended classes for the week of 4/24-4/29. City Fitness wants to encourage balanced workouts for our members and invite you to come out of your comfort zone. Jump into any studio class– BURN/ FOCUS/SHIFT and WE/FIT, at any location and you will be entered into the contest. Members will be asked to reserve their space through the app and if you need access to another club for reservations call the front desk directly to make the reservation.  

  • Grand Prize:  A Private Studio Event* for you and up to 10 friends (Focus, Burn, Shift, or WEFIT)  (3 awards) 
  • Three THRIVE sessions (1 award)
  • CF Gift Certificates! (can be used towards all in club items (not towards dues or existing Thrive memberships – could purchase individual Thrive sessions separate/in addition to their current contract)
    • $100 (1 award) 
    • $50 (1 award) 
    • $25 (4 awards)
  • 500 CF Rewards Points (1 award) 
  • My Zone Belt (1 award) 

*Classes subject to studio and instructor/class availability