Personal Training

CF/THRIVE is City Fitness’ personalized small group training with one-on-one options. Engineered to your specific goals and needs, CF/THRIVE combines advanced, performance-driven fitness programming with friendly, passionate coaching.



Our CF/THRIVE coaches have the professional background, attitude, and approach you need to take your fitness to a whole new level.

Every CF/THRIVE coach is certified, but CF/THRIVE provides its own certification in addition to national training certificates. That means that our CF/THRIVE coaches are not only nationally accredited, but they are hand-selected by us, for you.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to personal training gets you where you want to be.

1– Do no harm
2– Reduce risk of injury in sport and in life.
3– Improve performance (Feel your best).

Most programs have the opposite priorities, which can lead to stagnated progress, or worse, injury. CF/THRIVE Functional Training is not about looks or gains. It’s about longevity, functional movement, and cultivating long-term fitness. Looks and gains are icing on the cake. Whether you are training for a sports performance, rehabilitating an injury, or simply navigating the sport of everyday life, our CF/THRIVE training program will prepare you.


CF/THRIVE is only available at City Fitness Philadelphia. The CF/THRIVE training program was developed by Mike Boyle and Bob Hanson in 1996. Prior to creating the program, Boyle was a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Boston University for 15 years. He also served as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Boston Bruins, the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team, and the Boston Red Sox.

Move better. Feel Better. Live Better.

CF/THRIVE makes you better because the results are rooted in health, longevity, and your goals.