Yoga for Beginners: A Quick Starter Guide

April 10, 2023
Beginner Yoga

Most people are familiar with the term yoga. However, many people don’t realize that yoga is a vast collection of practices and spiritual techniques geared toward integrating your body, mind, and spirit to achieve enlightenment. Those who undergo yoga regularly noted positive benefits on their physical fitness, cardiovascular health, reduced stress levels, and so much more.

Who’s a Good Fit For Yoga

Contrary to what you may believe, yoga is not exclusive to any age group, weight class, religion, or anything else. In fact, yoga is an accessible form of exercise that can be utilized by persons of all different ages, sexes, and so forth. The beauty of yoga is that it can be adapted based on a person’s individualized needs. While you may see pictures of yogis doing complex positions, that’s not a requirement for everyone. Yoga is excellent for beginners as it offers gentler positions for all types of bodies.

How to Prepare For Yoga

It’s important to remember that yoga is all about physical and mental fitness. You want to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire session to get the most benefit possible out of your yoga session. Start by dressing in comfortable, loose clothing that allows you to move freely without restriction.

At the bare minimum, you’ll want to have a yoga mat. This thin mat provides both a cushion and a non-slip surface for you to perform your poses on. As you continue to practice yoga more often, you may find that you need additional props like blocks, bolsters, blankets, and even straps. If you visit a yoga studio, most of them will have these additional items available for your use when necessary.

How Often Should You Do Yoga

A great benefit of yoga is that it can be specifically tailored to meet your physical demands. Whether you’re looking for an addition to help alleviate more intense exercise days throughout the week or to use yoga as your main fitness routine, you can adapt your schedule to meet your demands. It’s typically recommended that you plan on practicing yoga at least three times per week to help provide you with significant improvements in your range of motion, strength, flexibility, inner peace, balance, and overall general well-being.

Yoga sessions can range from being as short as 10 minutes up to an hour long. Typically, if you go to a yoga studio or a class, you’ll realize that it lasts around an hour. The more time you can commit to practicing yoga, the more benefits you’ll see from it.

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