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At City Fitness, we’re not just a gym. We’re a community. A collection of dreamers and hustlers, who know we can go farther together.

We’re glad you’re one of us. 

Our mission is to create a space for you to become the best version of yourself. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your City Fitness membership. Give it a read, and swing by the front desk if you have questions along the way.

Let’s do this, together.

Ken Davies
Founder and CEO
City Fitness


From goals to habits, and from habits to reality: We’re with you every step of the way. It all starts with our Tour of the City program, which helps new gym members build a fitness foundation for life, and save some money along the way.

Complete The “Tour of the City”

By completing the following activities within your first 30 days of membership, we’ll take $5 off each subsequent bi-weekly draft—for the lifetime of your gym membership. Check-in with the membership team when you’re finished. They’ll apply your discount. The activities needed to complete your City Fitness Tour are:


Complete a complimentary CF/THRIVE assessment and training session*


Download the City Fitness mobile app

Join City FItness Rewards

Authorize EFT (direct draft from checking account via routing and account number) as your primary method of payment* (You can do this on the City Fitness app or by calling or stopping by the front desk)


Receive a complimentary City Fitness recovery shake (at clubs that have City Shakes)


Work out nine times

*For members of City Fitness South Philly, complete a complimentary WE/FIT session.** Your primary form of payment must remain EFT to be eligible for the $5 bi-weekly discount.

Note: Some discounted membership types are not eligible for the Tour of the City program.



Each Focus class will bring balance and clarity to your day. Join us as we guide you through a series of movements that will leave you feeling restored. Set your intention.


Burn offers cardio and performance classes that will make you move. You’re here because you want a workout that’s as challenging as it is fun. We’re here to bring it.


It happens as soon as you click in—a shift in energy and mindset. Shift brings high-intensity cycling that will ignite you. We ride in formation, moving as one through every position and pace.


WE/FIT is a Tabata-style, partner-based workout that progresses both through each month and over time, so you’re always experiencing a new version of the program and getting better over time.


Each Focus class will bring balance and clarity to your day. Join us as we guide you through a series of movements that will leave you feeling restored. Set your intention.


It happens as soon as you click in—a shift in energy and mindset. Shift brings high-intensity cycling that will ignite you. We ride in formation, moving as one through every position and pace.


Burn offers cardio and performance classes that will make you move. You’re here because you want a workout that’s as challenging as it is fun. We’re here to bring it.



City Fitness Philly Rewards is our member rewards program. Redeem points for discounts on gear/hotels/trips/sweepstakes and more!

Here’s how to begin racking up points. Sign up online using the same email address that you use with your member account. When you arrive at the City Fitness Philly Rewards homepage, click “Join Program,” then click “Join” again on the next page.

Once you’re signed up, City Fitness Philly Rewards will automatically start awarding you points as you earn them. You’ll rack up points as you attend Thrive sessions, shop our retail items or shake bar, refer friends, have a birthday or membership anniversary, among other things!

The City Fitness Philly Rewards website is where you can see how many points you’ve earned and redeem them for perks. Simply select your reward and a voucher will be created for you. Show your voucher at the front desk to collect your reward.

Use the City Fitness app to check in, sign up for classes, take On-Demand classes via CF Live, track your workouts, connect with other members, and more. You will receive a link and information about downloading the app after joining. If you have any questions or issues, please see Membership.
HydroMassage offers all the benefits of a massage—recovery, deep relaxation, and relief from aches and pains—in a comfortable lounge chair. Travelling jets move up and down your body in wave-like streams of heated water. You can select the pressure, speed, where to concentrate the massage, and even hold the massage in a given area.

Our members enjoy HydroMassage to loosen their muscles before a workout, to cool down after a workout, and purely to recover between workouts.

We have HydroMassage Lounge chairs at our East Market, Fishtown, Graduate Hospital, Logan Square, and East Passyunk Clubs. A daily 10-minute HydroMassage is included in Neighborhood memberships and all membership types above Neighborhood.

To operate the HydroMassage chairs, see the front desk

Swing by the front desk with any questions, and we hope you enjoy it.


The InBody is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that analyzes your body composition. It uses bioelectrical impedance analysis—a non-invasive technique—to measure how much muscle, fat, and water are present in your body.

This detailed breakdown gives you an in-depth look at your body that transcends the number on a standard scale, helping you better understand your current fitness level and your progress over time.

A WE/FIT or Thrive coach will administer your InBody scan and provide an analysis.

Annual InBody scans are included with all memberships as part of the annual Thrive assessment. Quarterly InBody scans are included in Performance, and Elite memberships. Monthly InBody scans are included with Thrive training. Supplemental scans can be purchased for $25. Stop by the front desk to schedule yours.


Hours Of Operations

  • Peak Hours Schedule: May 24, 2024, to September 2, 2024.
    • Open Daily; 7 am to 8 pm.
    • Lap Pool/Lane Hours: 7 am to 11 am.
  • Off-Peak Hours Schedule: September 3, 2024, to May 22, 2025
    • Open Daily from 8 am to 7 pm.
    • Lap Pool/Lane hours are available throughout the day.

*Please note that all hours are subject to change and may vary on holidays, weekends, or due to specific events. Inclement weather may also impact pool operation.

General Pool Rules

  • CF Members and guests must check-in to receive a daily pool wristband and wear it at all times in order to avoid a $45 guest fee.
  • Use of the pool or deck outside of listed pool hours is prohibited.
  • Do not enter the water if you are feeling ill or have any cuts, wounds, sores, bandages, etc.
  • Proper swimwear with adequate coverage must be worn at all times. No street clothes or undergarments.
  • Bottles, glassware, or other hazardous objects are not permitted in the pool or pool area.
    • Alcohol is strictly prohibited!
  • Smoking of any kind and e-cigarettes are not permitted.
  • No Spitting, urinating, blowing your nose, or spouting of water in the pool.
  • The pool may close unexpectedly due to severe weather or other safety concerns and will remain closed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Please listen to City Fitness staff direction and abide by all signage.
  • Tampering with equipment and supplies is not permitted.
  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. Do not bring valuables to the pool deck area.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our Pool and Lane Etiquette.
  • Standard City Fitness policies and procedures apply .

Violation of Pool Rules is grounds for removal from the pool area. Serious violations could result in termination of CF membership.

Pool Etiquette

  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • Chairs are on a first-come first- served basis. No saving chairs for others. Chairs left unattended for 10 minutes or more risk having any belongings removed.
  • One beach sized tote or smaller bag per person is permitted. No coolers.
  • Please bring your own towel. Gym hand towels may not be used for the pool.
  • No personal speakers.
  • Nonalcoholic beverages and food are permitted on the pool deck. Please: spill proof containers only, no glass, not near the water, and dispose of all garbage in appropriate receptacles.
  • No running, diving, climbing, gum-chewing or excessive noise.
  • Pushing, dunking, excessive splashing, and interfering with lap lanes are not permitted.
  • Kickboards and similar equipment/toys are not permitted.
  • Staff may re-designate pool configuration and usage to accommodate conditions.
  • We’re here to help! Please approach CF staff with any questions or concerns.

Dress Code

  • Proper swimwear must be worn at all times.
    • Attire that is not permitted includes, but is not limited to: bras, underwear, boxers, boxer briefs, street/gym clothing (tank tops, t-shirts, shorts).
  • Street shoes are not permitted in the pool. Pool shoes may be worn, but should not be worn in the gym.
  • Bathing suits should provide adequate coverage of privates/genitals.

MyiClubOnline, or MiCO for short, is a third-party platform that enables you to manage your account.

You can use it to sign up for studio classes, see your scheduled training sessions, review your purchases and check-in history, and view your upcoming billing invoices. You can register online or the City Fitness app (see the next section) under the “My Account” tile.  

For MiCO support, contact ABC Financial Member Services at 1-888-827-9262 or


MYZONE is a fitness tracker and corresponding app that tracks and analyzes your heart rate, effort, and calories during any kind of workout. The app also connects you to other users, so you can participate in friendly competitions and cheer each other on.

We support MYZONE technology at every club, and use it to enhance your experience in our WE/FIT and Thrive training programs.

If you’re interested in purchasing a MYZONE, please ask a front desk associate for assistance.

After receiving your device, you’ll need to register it online, download the app, and sync it to your unique heart rate. Instructions come with your MYZONE. When asked for a facility code, use “CITYUS001”.


We offer a free app called Preva that works in unison with our Precor equipment.

Preva allows you to log in to any Precor cardio machine and track your workouts over time and against your goals. You can also use it to easily access your preferred entertainment on the cardio machines, including your Netflix account, on-demand music, and live TV.

You can log in to your cardio machine manually, via Bluetooth on your phone, or with a scannable Preva tag, which is included in your membership. If you haven’t already gotten a Preva tag, swing by the front desk to ask for one.


Rockbot is a social & virtual jukebox that lets you request the music playing at the club right from your smartphone. Download the free app “Rockbot – Request Music” in iTunes, Android marketplace, or Google Play.


Club Etiquette

In order to provide the best possible environment for you and other members, we ask that you adhere to these rules of the club:

  1. Be Respectful – Of Everyone
  2. Share the Space – Be Mindful & Allow Others to Work-In
  3. Keep it Clean – Wipe Down Equipment After Use. Liquid Chalk Only
  4. Weights – Re-Rack Them. Avoid Dropping or Slamming
  5. Bags – Store Backpacks or Gym Bags in a Locker. Small Bags Permitted on the Floor
  6. Cell Phones – Limit Use. No Phone Calls on the Floor
  7. Attire – Dress Appropriately. Athletic Wear Only
  8. Shoes – Closed-Toe Required. Socks Permitted on Olympic Platforms & In Focus Studios
  9. Lockers – Day Use Only. Remove Contents After Your Workout
  10. Smile – Enjoy Your Workout! It’s Time to Focus on You

Members and guests of City Fitness are expected to act in a respectful and socially acceptable manner while using any club. You and/or your guest may not engage in behavior that City Fitness, in its sole discretion, considers unruly or inappropriate including, but not limited to, harassment or otherwise acting in an indecent manner towards any other member, guest or City Fitness employee. City Fitness reserves the right to remove you and/or your guest from any club and/or revoke, cancel, suspend or otherwise limit your membership and club access, and/or notify law enforcement authorities if you engage in any conduct that City Fitness, in its sole discretion, considers unsafe, unlawful or otherwise in conflict with City Fitness policies, rules or guidelines.

      Accessing Clubs

      Members are required to check-in at the front desk upon entry to any City Fitness club. If a member leaves and re-enters a club they will need to check back in with the front desk. City Fitness reserves the right to require members and guests to maintain a photo or copy of photo identification on file in order to verify identity before entering any club.


          As part of your City Fitness membership, you reserve privileges to bring guests to a club. These include bringing one guest per visit at no charge. For entry of more than one guest during a visit, the Member Guest Fee will apply for each additional guest. A guest may visit up to 5 times at no charge. After that guest’s fifth visit, the Member Guest Fee (above) will apply, regardless of how the five free visits were accumulated. You must accompany your guest, and all guests will be required to check in at the front desk. This includes presenting proper photo identification and signing a guest waiver in order to access the club. All guests must adhere to City Fitness’ Club Etiquette Rules and Member & Guest Guidelines.

          Locker Rooms

          We expect proper decorum in our locker rooms, including the respect of others personal space and privacy. For the comfort of all members and guests, please err on the side of modesty and cover up with a towel or appropriate clothing. Personal photography or camera use in locker rooms – e.g. mirror selfies – should be appropriate in nature and done mindfully, under the certainty that other individuals are not captured without their consent. At our clubs that provide full-sized towels, members and guests are limited to two towels per individual and must dispose of towels in the designated container. Inappropriate behavior or sexual activity in our locker rooms is strictly prohibited.


              Our members can’t get enough of City Fitness’ signature studio classes. With limited space, classes tend to fill up quickly.

              But fear not!

              Our reservation process maximizes your ability to get into the class of your choice. Reserve your spot today by following these steps:

                1. Go to ‘Club’ page in the app, select ‘Book a Class by Club’ or ‘View Classes – All Clubs’ tiles. Find the class you like, confirm the time and location, and click ‘Book a Spot’.
                2. Reservations open 72 hours before the start of a class and close 30 minutes before the start of a class.
                3. Cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before the start of a class. You may cancel through your app, or by calling/ stopping by the front desk. 
                4. Failure to attend class or to cancel a reservation 2 hours prior to the class’s start time will incur a $15 no-show fee. 
                5. Members who attend a studio class not included in their membership plan will be charged a $20 drop in fee. 
                6. Guests are welcome to studio classes per our guest policy. Reservations for guests must be made by calling or visiting the front desk within the class’s booking window. Members who reserve spaces for guests who fail to cancel 2 hours in advance will be charged the guest’s $15 no-show fee. 
                7. Our app does not currently have a waitlist option. Please call the club to be added to the waitlist or arrive to class early to see if space is available. Please note that we can not guarantee a spot in any class without a reservation. 
                8. Late entry is disruptive to participants, members and coaches. Participants must be present a minimum of 5 minutes before class begins. Once class has started entry will not be permitted. If you arrive late please see the front desk to ensure that you are not charged the no-show fee.
                9. Cell phone use of any kind is distracting. Phones should be silenced and put away for the duration of class.
                10. Please do not remove or add equipment to the studio spaces. 
                11. City Fitness studio classes are a place where everyone is welcome. Any members who are unable to be respectful of staff or other participants may be asked to leave.
              Steam & Sauna Etiquette

              Our steam and saunas are shared public spaces. Please wear light clothing. Nudity is prohibited. No outdoor shoes. Do not pour water on the sauna heater or hang clothes to dry. Please do not workout in the steam room or sauna. You may not engage in sexual activity in these rooms, or any of our spaces. These spaces are monitored for enhanced safety. See our full steam and sauna etiquette for more detail.


              ○ Lockers are provided solely for your convenience. You are responsible for locking your locker. City Fitness will remove any articles left in a locker overnight. Certain lockers may be rented for an additional fee, subject to additional terms and conditions set forth in the Locker Rental Critical Information Document.

              Personal Belongings & Valuables

              Members and guests should avoid bringing any valuables into our facilities – e.g. jewelry, laptops, valuable electronics, large amounts of cash, including into our locker rooms or lockers. City Fitness will not be held liable for the loss, theft or damage to any personal property members or guests bring on club property.


              Small, personal items may be brought to the gym floor or studio areas in small, clinch-type and/or drawstring bags 12”x16” or smaller, provided they are placed in a location that is out of the way of other members and any gym equipment. All large workout bags, backpacks and duffle bags must be kept in a locker.

              Dress Code

              Members and guests are required to wear athletic attire as determined suitable in City Fitness’ sole discretion. You must wear closed-toe shoes on the gym floor unless noted in a specific area such as the olympic weight lifting platforms or Focus studios. Members and guests attire must be considered appropriate, modest and proper, to be determined by City Fitness’ discretion.

              Cell Phone Use

              As a courtesy to other members and guests, you may not speak on your cell phone or utilize any video chat application while in any club workout area. Extended cell phone usage – e.g. browsing or texting – that limits or prohibits another member’s use of equipment or space is prohibited.

              Photography & Video

              You may take photos or videos in public areas of the club solely for personal use. You may not intentionally film another individual without their permission. Professional or commercial photography or videography requires written authorization from City Fitness. This includes but is not limited to taking any photos or video in clubs to promote you or any third party’s business, products or services. Use of any lighting, tripods or other such equipment is prohibited, unless given written authorization from City Fitness.


              Minors under 16 years of age are not permitted to use club facilities. Minors under the age of 18 may only use a club facility if their parent or legal guardian has signed the appropriate waiver on behalf of the minors.

              No Outside Trainers

              Use of personal trainers who are not employed by City Fitness is strictly prohibited at all club facilities. You may not provide personal training services to, or receive personal training services from, any other member or guest.


              Firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited from being brought into club facilities.

              Illegal Drugs & Substances

              Illegal drugs and substances are strictly prohibited from being brought into club facilities.

              Service Animals and Pets

              Members or guests may not bring any animal into a club facility unless it is a service animal performing its duties in the care of a person who requires its assistance. All exempt service animals must be licensed, have identification tags and must remain leashed.



              At City Fitness, one of our core values is providing you with cutting-edge resources to help you achieve your goals. We’re constantly upgrading our facilities based on the latest fitness technology, as well as popular requests from members.

              To that end, City Fitness charges an annual facility enhancement fee of $59 (members who joined before Dec. 9, 2019 are locked in at a lower rate). The fee is automatically added to our Capital Improvements fund, which we use to make upgrades that are above and beyond the day-to-day upkeep of our clubs. The fee will be automatically drafted from your account 90 days after the start date of your membership and then on the anniversary of that date for so long as you remain a member.

              Remember, you have a say in what upgrades we make. Submit your feedback here.


              If you have a term membership, your membership will automatically renew at the end of your term as a monthly membership at the membership rate on your account. To avoid this automatic renewal, you must submit a membership cancellation request at least 30 days before the end of your term membership.


              Out of respect for all of our members, we have a Reservation No-Show Fee for all classes and sessions that allow reservations. This Fee will be debited automatically from your bank account or credit card on file for missed reservations based on the following criteria:

              Cancellations less than 30 minutes prior to class start time will result in a $5 fee.

              Reservations can be canceled through the City Fitness app or by calling the club and speaking with a CF Representative.

              DROP-IN FEE

              A $20 Drop In Fee will be charged for each studio class attended outside of your membership access. This Fee will be debited automatically from your bank account or credit card on file.


              All memberships can be cancelled for any reason* upon providing 30-days notice to City Fitness.

              To be effective, all cancellations must be done in one of the following three ways:

              • Filling out a membership cancellation request form in person at a City Fitness location.
              • Filling out an online membership cancellation request form on the City Fitness website.
              • By stating in a letter that you wish to cancel, sent by certified mail return receipt requested, and mailed to the City Fitness location at which you started your membership.

              No cancellations will be accepted via telephone or email. A member may not cancel their membership while their account is in freeze status. Cancellations will only be effective upon payment of all outstanding fees and dues. Members shall be responsible for any bi-weekly invoices that fall within the 30-day cancellation period. For online cancellations, you will receive an email confirmation once your cancellation request has been reviewed. If you do not receive an email within 72 hours of submitting the request, please contact us immediately.

              For cancellation of term memberships, members will be subject to an early termination fee as follows:

              • If you are in the first half of your membership term, there will be a $100 early termination fee.
              • If you are in the second half of your membership term, there will be a $50 early termination fee.

              * Does not apply to cancellations due to certain member relocations, club closure, disability or death. See your membership contract for details. 


              If you cancel your membership, and then decide to re-join later, you may be subject to enrollment fees and new membership rates. That’s why we offer the option to freeze your membership instead of cancelling.

              You can freeze for up to 6 months for only $2.50 bi-weekly by filling out the freeze request form at You can also make a freeze request in person at the club.

              Membership freezes must begin and end on a bill date. You must submit your freeze request at least seven days before the billing date that you want the freeze to begin on. After the freeze period, your account will be returned to active status and the original bi-weekly billing designated by your membership contract will resume.

              You may not use a City Fitness club or its amenities while your account is in a freeze status. While in a membership freeze, a member cannot cancel their membership until it is reinstated to active status. If you want to reinstate your active membership before the end of your freeze period, you can do so in person or by submitting a billing inquiry at

              Note: If you have a note from your physician stating that you have a medical condition that prevents you from participating in physical activity, you may freeze your membership for up to 6 months without charge. In all other cases, you may freeze your membership for a fee of $2.50 per bi-weekly billing cycle for up to 6 months.


              If you wish to downgrade your membership to a lower membership type, you will be responsible for the following downgrade fee:

              • If you are in the first half of your term, there will be a $50 downgrade fee ($75 if downgrading from Training+).

              • If you are in the second half of your term, there will be a $25 downgrade fee ($50 if downgrading from Training+).


              If you wish to transfer your single site membership to a different club, you will be responsible for a $15 transfer fee. You will be subject to the rates of the intended club at that time.


              At City Fitness, we do not honor any verbal agreements. All terms must either be in your membership contract or pursuant to a Member Addendum Form, signed by both parties and scanned into your MyiClubOnline account, with a copy emailed to you.

              COPY OF YOUR CONTRACT 

              After you have become a member of City Fitness, you will be emailed a copy of your membership contract. There is also a copy of your contract in your MyiClubOnline account.


              You must cancel or freeze CF/THRIVE Training separately. Thirty days notice is required. Contact your trainer for the appropriate forms. If you are seeking a medical freeze, please be prepared to present a doctor’s note.

              Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time to avoid being charged for that session. Should you need to cancel, contact your trainer for assistance.

              MEMBER FEEDBACK

              At City Fitness, we value your experience above all else, and we take your feedback very seriously. Your insights help us determine everything from facility upgrades to studio class schedules. We love hearing from you in all the following ways:

              IN PERSON

              We’re a community. You’re always welcome to stop by the front desk to address any questions, concerns, or requests.


              Submit an online member feedback form here. Your feedback will be routed to the appropriate department and we’ll follow up with you.


              Have a question about your bill? Send it over to our billing department by clicking here.


              Through our partnership with Medallia, we invite you to provide your feedback through a detailed quarterly survey. This gives us a big-picture look at how we’re doing and where we can improve, so we strongly encourage you to participate. Look for a quarterly email inviting you to take part in improving the member experience.

              What Our Members have to say

              Staff is great; facilities are clean and up-to-date; classes are numerous and teachers are perfect. What’s not to like?

              Sara, City Fitness Graduate Hospital

              Before I came to City Fitness, I was jumping around from gym to gym, and at every gym, no matter what, I would eventually get bored. However this gym is on a completely different level. I just love going.

               Jordan, City Fitness Fishtown

              I have met so many great people who have become lifelong friends of mine. The motivation that the coaches and instructors give off is unlike any other.

              Kaitlyn, City Fitness Logan Square

              This is a pretty solid, low-key gym. I arrived around 10pm (only 2 people were there), my entire workout was in complete privacy. I left around midnight, the crowd had increased by 5 or 6 at the time. Everything you need for a successful workout

              Google Review

              Love the sense of community! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always helpful.

              Google review

              Great gym, appreciate their COVID protocols. Feel safe working out here. Equipment is clean and surprisingly varied for a smaller gym.

              Google review